The Art of Adjusting – Åhus



Adjustments are a unique feature of traditional Ashtanga Yoga.

A good Mysore style teacher has to be able to adjust correctly. Being precise and firm, yet soft and subtle, to help students progress and deepen their practice.

Learning to adjust is a practice in itself. The more years of practice, the more experience and wisdom you will develop in adjustments.

In this workshop you will learn how to adjust and correct students correctly without getting tired and without hurting yourself and most importantly, without hurting them.

We will cover all of the asanas in the first series, including all of the backbends and the final sequence.

You will learn to read different bodies and thus decide which approach to choose when adjusting at each moment, the possible variations in each posture, synchronizing your breathing, when to adjust, when not.


Teaches: Natalia Paisano.
Dates: 5 weekends: November 11th-13th (Åhus) // February 24th-26th (Åhus)// March 24th- 26th (Åhus)// April 28th – 30th (Åhus) // May 18th – 21st (Palma de Mallorca)


More information:

Natalia:  +34 663 218 638